Flame Retardant

Protect what you value

Whilst fire retardant textiles are mandatory in commercial properties, it is not the same for the home.  Silent Gliss believe that all environments deserve the same high levels of safety so insist that all our fabrics are fire retardant.

The official standards for flame retardancy vary by country, but because the tests are so stringent most standards are accepted across all markets.

  • A2 DIN 4102-1 (Deutsche Industrie Norm)
  • B1 DIN 4102-1 (Deutsche Industrie Norm)
  • M1/M2  NF P 92-503-507 (Norme francaise)
  • BS 5867 Part 2, Type B/Type C (British Standard)
  • B-s1 EN13501 (European Norm)
  • Class 1 UNI VF 8456 (Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione)

Worth knowing

This video simulates a fire in a child’s room, comparing the effects of FR fabrics with non-FR fabrics.